Bonus Points

What are bonus points ?

Some of our cards, mainly from the current seasons collections, are worth bonus points when purchased from us.

If a card has bonus points connected to it this will be clearly displaced on all pages.

Match  Attax Bonus Points

Buying a card displaying the above would automatically earn you 5 bonus points which is equal to a 5p discount of any future order.

How many bonus points do I have ?

To find out haw many bonus points you have either click here or do the following.

Desktop users

Log into your account as normal
Now click on 'my account' at the top of any page next to your email address

match attax cards bonus

On the page that loads click on 'Bonus Points' to see your total

match attax bonuses


Mobile users

Log into your account as normal
Now click on the menu button which is top left on every page

match attack

On the page that loads click on the button to the right of the large orders banner and change Orders to Bonus Points.




How do I spend my bonus points ?

We have made cashing in your bonus points as simple as possible.

Bonus points can be used as full or part payment for any order from us.
Bonus points are valid for 12 months.


On any cart or checkout page look for the following.
It will only be visible if you have some bonus points.

match attax bonus time

Click on the ball and a box will appear telling you how many bonus points you have to spend, enter how many you would like to use and click 'REDEEM'. Your order will automatically update.