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My order is wrong

We do everything we possibly can to ensure that all our orders are dispatched 100% correct

Unfortunately on the odd occasion we do mess up, missing a card or inserting the wrong one
If this has happened to you we are very sorry, and we promise to sort things out straight away

The first thing we you need to do is check the cards you have received against the packing list you also received

We often pack extra cards into your order to protect the ones you did order, sometimes this leads customers to thinking they have received the wrong cards when they have not

If we have used extra cards to protect your order we can assure you you have not paid anything for them and you have not been charged any extra postage

If your still sure you have a card missing, or you have an incorrect card then please let us know via our contact section


Please remember to include your order number as well as a description or product code of the card or cards you believe we have missed

By default we will post your missing card(s) to you as soon as possible.
If you would prefer we can add bonus points to your account to more than cover the price of the card, we think a much better more profitable option for you if you plan to order from us again