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Problems registering a Miocrosoft / Outlook / Hotmail email address

From time to time Microsoft decide to stop delivering our emails to new customers; we are sorry if you are caught up in their behavior.

Lets check a few things.

Firstly lets verify you got your email address right. That is simple. Try and register again, you can not re-register the same email address. If that doe not fix things return here and continue.

OK now log into your email account ( / so we can adjust a setting.
From the top blue bar click the settings icon then select options. We have circled both selections in red in the image below.

On the screen that now loads select 'Safe and blocked senders' from the 'Preventing Junk Emails' section.

On the next screen that loads select 'Safe Senders'

Now add our support email (shown below) and click 'Add to list'

Awesome we are nearly done, all we need to do is to send you a new email.

Visit login page, type in your details and try to login

The page will reload and above your email address (be sure it is your email address !) will be a new click option which will resend the conformation email to you instantly

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Now the email should be delivered into your inbox or your junk folder within moments.

Still having problems ?

Send us an email to the support address you see above and we will get back to you as soon as possible as we should still be able to reply to your emails even if our normal emails can not.